AHU Manufacturers in Kozhikode Call 9500082797.

We are a reputable company in Kozhikode in the field of AHU Manufacturers. For any questions call. 9500082797.

The adroit engineers and workers of the firm sternly supervise the AHU Manufacturers which enables us to meet project completion without any flaw.

About Kozhikode 

The city of Kozhikode is 410 kilometers north of the state capital Thiruvananthapuram. It is located at approximately 11.25°N 75.77°E. It has an elevation of 1 meter along the coast with the city’s eastern edges rising to at least 15 meters, with a sandy coastal belt and a lateritic midland. The city has a 15 km long shoreline and small hills dot the terrain in the eastern and central regions. To the city’s west is the Laccadive Sea and from approximately 60 kilometers to the east rises the Sahyadri Mountains

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