Air Curtains

Air Curtains, maintains the interior air conditioning efficiency to save energy, while preventing the entry of dust, harmful insects and fumes from outside.


  • Heavy duty Horizontal Mounting Industrial Air Curtains
  • Outer cabinet made of Stainless Steel 304
  • Impeller made of Aluminium
  • Without removing from mounting, easy access to service
  • Mounting Height 3 Mts
  • Air-Velocity 20mts/sec at Outlet
  • Fan Speed: Adjustable, min air Vol. Flow rate: 2000 m3/h
  • Noise level: Less than 70 ± 5 dba
  • Working voltage 230v 50hz
  • Proximity switch for air curtain Automatic ON/OFF
  • Velocity Profile: Uniform, Statically & dynamically Balanced Blowers