Air Shower System Manufacturers In Bokaro Steel City Call 9500082797

We are a respected company in Bokaro Steel City in the field of AIR SHOWER SYSTEM MANUFACTURERS.  For any questions Call 9500082797.

We offer the best services in the field of AIR SHOWER SYSTEM MANUFACTURERS Manufacture.

About Bokaro Steel:

It is located in picturesque surroundings on the southern bank of river Damodar with Garga, one of its tributaries meandering along the southern and eastern outskirts of the city. On the north, the city is flanked by the high ranges of the Parasnath Hills and on the south just beyond the river Garga; it is enveloped by the Satanpur hillocks.

Two cooling ponds have been built for use in steel making. A dam on river Garga has been built to supply water to the township as well as the steel plant, but due to ever increasing demand Tenughat dam is supplementing it.

Bokaro is located in the eastern part of India at 23.29°N 86.09°E

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