Clean Room Door

  • Material : PCGI / Stainless Steel 304
  • Skin Thickness : 0.8 mm
  • Infill : PUFF

With flush double glazing glass, hardware like door closure, D handles, ball bearing butt hinges and provision for concealed automatic door bottom seal etc.

Clean Room Door Manufacturers in Chennai – Micro Flow, We have over the years built our presence across diverse markets to become a leading brand with more than 20 million doors delivered through our 100 sales subsidiaries, and hundreds of authorized dealers. With strong workforce, we work relentlessly to create world-class products that ensure optimum customer satisfaction levels.

Available Colors

Best Clean Room Door Manufacturers

When it comes to clean room there is lot to be considered in terms of material and functional requirement. Door being an integral part of any closed environment and also the only moving element, you need to consider the best possible solution for better environment. Microflow Clean Room Doors are widely used in pharmaceutical units, Food processing centers, Testing centers and labs. Suitable for clean rooms, the smooth surface facilitates cleaning and disinfecting, effectively inhibiting bacterial growth.

Door Materials Be A Thickness Finish Of Micro Flow

Clean room doors come with integrated sealing system and in multiple materials like stainless steel and galvanized steel to meet stringent material specification. Since the application of clean rooms for various process are vital to the very establishment, due consideration needs to be taken for doors material, thickness finish as they may be exposed to various environment and constant cleaning.

Our clean rooms doors are designed to meet the most stringent requirements for clean and hygienic applications mainly to avoid dirt, maintain temperature and humidity. Our doors can be equipped with electro mechanical locking devices and automatic operators both swing and sliding for smooth operation.

The doors are made from the

  • Fireproof Sandwich Panels With Polyurethane
  • Rock Wool
  • Glass Wool Insulation,
  • Rustproof Powder Coated Door Frame,
  • Airtight Dual Gasket Aluminum Profile And
  • Single Or Double Glazed Glass That Apparently Prevents Fire, Rust And Air From Penetrating In The Clean Room.

Further, standard quality fasteners, hinges, latches are used to give rust free and reliable performance throughout.

The entire structure is robust against corrosion as well as humid environments and is easy to sanitize with the help of water or chemicals, thus it strongly meets the most stringent requirements of clean room and hygienic applications.

Working of Scientific Doors:

We have various kinds of pass-through chambers, from basic group action windows to industrial roll-up door pass-through, the cleanest room doors pass-through represent the dual-door class.

As a result of the removal of contaminants from any clean room is on high priority, most clean room pass-through chambers which contain 2 doors, one on the surface and one on the within of the clean room.

As we are into the manufacturing technology and electronic technology we know the importance of these types are doors. Clean Room Doors Manufacturers is the name suggested by our clients for our valuable and customer friendly services.