Pharma filling workstation Manufacturers in Rudrapur Call 95000 82797

We are a reputable company in Rudrapur in the field of Pharma filling workstation.  For any questions Call 95000 82797.

The adroit engineers and workers of the firm sternly supervise the Pharma filling workstation which enables us to meet project completion without any flaw.

About Rudrapur City

Rudrapur is located in the fertile Terai region over an area of 27.65 km2

The land lends itself to different forms of agriculture, giving rise to agriculture-related activities and industry. Pantnagar University is a place of learning in the fields of agriculture and technology.

One interesting thing in this area is that there are some artesian water wells where the underground water comes out itself due to underground water pressure. For this, a well is to be drilled and a slotted casing pipe is to be lowered to take the water out. In such artesian wells, no pump is required

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